Child Support Considerations in an Amicable Divorce in Pennsylvania

Even in an amicable divorce you will face certain obligations and legal considerations. If children are involved, those considerations can become increasingly complex. Have you considered or budgeted for child support payments? Do you know how the payments will be calculated or how certain expenses might be important in the calculations? An experienced divorce and custody attorney can help you navigate the intricacies of Pennsylvania family law and prevent any surprises that may arise.

To begin with, Pennsylvania has a strict formula to calculate child support payments. To figure out this calculation your attorney will need some information from you. They will probably ask you about each spouse’s net (take-home) pay. Once the take-home pay is known, then the basic child support figure can be calculated based on the number of children.

However, this is not the end of what is taken into account. The previous calculation merely figures out the base child support payment. Everything from childcare, to healthcare, and education expenses are additional expenses that must be considered. There can be even more indirect costs of extracurricular activities that are taken into account, including tutoring, camp programs, and parties for your child. Furthermore, there are large expenses that are forecasted and taken into account such as college search costs, college tuition, a car, car insurance, graduation expenses, or even marriage expense.

Another important element your attorney can assist you with is the impact of the amount of custody time each parent has on the child support payments. The general rule is that more exclusive childcare requires larger payments. However, in some cases, the division of custody can significantly reduce payments. For example, if both parents earn the same amount of take home pay and agree to a 50% custody split, then it is possible that there will be no payments at all.

Even if a divorce is amicable, it will understandably have a large impact on the lives of your children. Good planning with an experienced attorney can prepare you and your family for what the future will bring. Being prepared will help reduce family tension and the impact the divorce will have on your children.

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