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While legal issues can sometimes be resolved without resorting to litigation, there are plenty of scenarios where choosing to litigate is in your best interest.

When push comes to shove and litigation becomes your next step, our attorneys can help you get what you’re owed. Whether you’re having legal difficulties with a business, a business partner, an employee, or even your own attorney, Maselli, Mills & Fornal’s knowledgeable and experienced business litigation team is there to guide the way.

Types Of Commercial Litigation

Maselli, Mills & Fornal is armed with the know-how to aggressively litigate in your best interests in a wide variety of legal situations, including disputes between businesses. Business contracts can be highly complex and convoluted documents, and it’s easy for two parties to wind up on very different pages, leading to Business vs. Business Contract Litigation. If your business is suffering due to another business’ breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, failure to render goods or services, or failure to meet terms of payment, Maselli, Mills & Fornal can help.

Disputes between business partners or shareholders can necessitate litigation as well. While multiple business owners bring a broadened skill set to the table, they can also clash over matters like one partner not pulling their weight, or the partners simply having irreconcilable goals for the business. Even factors like personality can come into play when two individuals comprise the face of a business. Whatever is causing the problem, our litigation attorneys can work with your business to come to a resolution.

Businesses aren’t always entirely self-sufficient, of course — they sometimes work with attorneys, and those attorneys don’t always act in the best interests of the businesses they serve. Attorney malpractice litigation can take on actions (or non-actions) like attorneys settling without their client’s consent, missing deadlines, dismissing cases without investigating them properly, or falling out of contact with the client.

Business Dispute Mediation

Business dispute mediation is sometimes able to defuse a situation and bring the conflicting parties to an agreement, obviating the need to pursue litigation. In the process of business dispute mediation, a neutral Mediator is enlisted to help the opposing parties arrive at a solution that is agreeable to both of them.

Attorney Paul J. Maselli has served as a Mediator in both bankruptcy and civil issues. Whatever the nature of your dispute, Maselli, Mills & Fornal has the experience to mediate the matter.

While business mediation is very helpful for some clients, depending on your particular needs, it simply may not be sufficient; and when mediation falls short of delivering the results you’re aiming for, it might be time to pursue litigation.

Business litigation is a multi-faceted issue that can help your business achieve its goals and win what it’s entitled to. Contact our lawyers today to see what business litigation with Maselli, Mills & Fornal can do for you.

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