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After a person passes away, their assets are distributed according to their wishes in a Last Will and Testament, or according to the laws of the State of New Jersey. But what happens when the documents are vague — or if one or more heirs disagrees as to how to distribute the assets? What if one heir suspects that funds are being wasted or misappropriated? What if you are the administrator of an estate, and an heir or creditor challenges your actions?

Our job is to fight for you to ensure that the assets of an estate are being distributed according to the decedent’s wishes, and according to the law. We will file paperwork with the Surrogate’s Court to ensure that the Court takes notice of the process, and will hold the administrators of the estate to account for their actions. We can also work with other attorneys and heirs to mediate contentious situations with a minimum of time and expense.

The attorneys at Maselli, Mills & Fornal have administered and litigated many estates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania throughout the years, ranging from small single-asset estates, to complicated matters with many heirs and millions of dollars at stake. We balance aggressive client advocacy with sensitivity to the financial and emotional costs of litigation, and strive to provide a fair result for our clients while also providing emotional closure. Feel free to fill out our Contact Us form online any time of day or night, or call (800) 891-2657 to arrange for a 100% confidential consultation with one of our experienced estate litigation attorneys.

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