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Shareholder and Partner Disputes

When two or more people own and operate a business together, the business benefits from the combination of complementary skills, an expanded knowledge base, and a broadened professional network. It’s a real-life example of the famous adage, “Two heads are better than one.”

However, while multiple partners and shareholders can often work together in harmony, there are instances where this becomes impossible. The disadvantage of multiple owners is that disputes may arise for a variety of reasons. Commercial disputes can crop up due to sincere disagreement about the goals of the business; the failure of an owner to make a fair contribution; or even the personal characteristics of an owner.

When Litigation Becomes Necessary

Issues regarding fiduciary obligations, unfair treatment of a minority owner, or simply a disconnect in terms of what each owner hopes to gain from the business, can often be resolved without litigation through the use of experienced counsel, and the parties’ mutual efforts toward a unanimously acceptable resolution.

Sometimes, unfortunately, problems simply cannot be solved without resorting to litigation.  When a business is stuck in operational gridlock due to a shareholder or partner dispute, litigation sometimes becomes the necessary next step to allow that business to grow and to move forward in its life cycle.  When that happens, the attorneys at Maselli Warren are ready to go to court to represent their clients’ interests in a partnership or shareholder dispute.

What Issues Do We Handle?

Shareholder and partner disputes can manifest themselves in many ways, and at Maselli Warren, we are equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle them all.  Our attorneys represent clients in shareholder and partner disputes involving matters including:

  • Conflict resolution.  Businesses are made of people, and people sometimes get into conflicts.  At Maselli, Mills & Fornal, we are experienced both as mediators and litigators, and we apply our experience to bring even the most heated conflicts to a close through mediation, arbitration, negotiation, or litigation.
  • Financial management.   Business partners commonly disagree about how company finances should be managed.  Whether a dispute involves the purchase or sale of assets or stocks, a merger or acquisition, or a change in company ownership, our attorneys are ready to assist.
  • Shareholder rights.  When more than one person owns a business, the division of rights, responsibilities, and obligations can become confusing.  A partner or shareholder may feel they have been excluded or treated unfairly.  Our attorneys excel at determining and clarifying even the most complicated of shareholder rights.

Why Choose Maselli, Mills & Fornal?

The laws dealing with disputes among shareholders of a corporation, members of a limited liability company, or partners of a partnership are extensive, highly detailed, and legally complex.  Combined with the fact that business disputes often come with an emotional component, finding a way to successfully resolve a commercial disagreement without the aid of a knowledgeable shareholder and partner disputes attorney can be next to impossible.

At Maselli, Mills & Fornal, our shareholder and partner disputes attorneys have over 25 years of experience representing clients across a broad spectrum of industry types and business structures.  Not only do we have decades of experience to draw upon in addressing the needs of your unique case, we are also cost-effective and convenient, with locations in Princeton, Hamilton, and Newtown.  We pride ourselves on our efficiency, effectiveness, affordability, and accessibility for commercial clients across the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Whatever shareholder or partner dispute issue is undermining your business, our attorneys have been there before.

If your business is suffering from a shareholder or partner dispute, it can be both emotionally stressful and financially damaging, but the attorneys at Maselli, Mills & Fornal have the experience you need to bring your commercial dispute to a timely close.  To arrange to speak with an attorney about your case in a confidential legal consultation, contact our law offices online, or call us today at (800) 891-2657. 

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