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Purchase and Sale of Residential Real Estate

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions and purchases most people will ever have to make. It can be an extremely exciting period — but it can also be extremely challenging. At Maselli, Mills & Fornal, P.C., we appreciate the massive investment of time, effort, energy, and money required to successfully complete a residential real estate transaction. There are many complex legal matters leading up to, and during the closing, that can potentially impact a real estate transaction.

Whether you are the buyer or seller of a home, the legal procedures and paperwork involved can make for a headache at a time when you just want to focus on moving your family and starting this new chapter of your life. But you can rely on the experienced residential real estate attorneys at Maselli, Mills & Fornal to help you shoulder that burden.

Residential Real Estate Services We Provide

Maselli, Mills & Fornal, P.C., is always there for you when you need help with the purchase and sale of residential real estate.  The services our attorneys provide include:

  • Prompt and timely attorney review of all contracts.  You should never sign a contract without first reviewing its contents carefully — but many contracts, particularly those pertaining to real estate transactions, are incredibly long and dense with legal jargon.  You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by a contract, no matter how daunting.  Let our attorneys interpret and explain your contracts, and ensure you understand and agree with what you’re signing.
  • Negotiating all home inspection issues.  Home inspections are critically important to evaluate the amount of time and money that will realistically need to be dedicated to home repairs.  Home inspection negotiations between buyers and sellers can be tense and difficult to navigate, but having an aggressive attorney to facilitate the negotiation process can help.
  • Processing any post-closing matters.  Our attorneys will work with you to help you understand all the documents you will be presented with in the post-closing stage.  We will work to stop post-closing problems in their tracks.

In order to ensure that you are prepared from a legal standpoint, we provide all home buyers and sellers with guide booklets.  These helpful and easy-to-understand booklets detail important information regarding the processes, laws, and contingencies of which you need to be aware during your New Jersey residential real estate transaction.

Why Maselli, Mills & Fornal?

In addition to having over 25 years of experience behind us, we also enjoy beneficial relationships with several title companies, and are happy to work with a title company that best serves our client’s needs: we will pass our benefits down to you.

Whether you are seeking legal representation for a residential real estate closing, a real estate contract dispute, or real estate litigation, the team of lawyers at Maselli, Mills & Fornal has the expertise and experience to ensure that your real estate sale or real estate purchase is handled appropriately through the closing.

Let us put the law to work for you during your real estate transaction so you focus your attention on other issues surrounding the purchase or sale of your home.

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