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Worker’s Compensation

While every place of work should follow federal guidelines and be made as safe an environment as possible, sometimes accidents still happen, and when they do, employees can be vulnerable to injuries. Workers in certain industries run a higher risk of being hurt on the job. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the industries most prone to accidents and injuries include health care, manufacturing, and construction. People who work around heavy machinery or dangerous chemicals are particularly prone.

What Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey Provides

When somebody is injured in the workplace, there are many negative consequences that can result, such as medical bills, physical suffering, emotional strain, and a long-term inability to physically function at pre-injury levels (e.g. a back injury resulting in the long-term inability to lift heavy loads). Fortunately, there are legal provisions in place to financially compensate individuals who may become hurt on the job, collectively known as workers’ compensation. New Jersey law provides that an employee who is injured in the workplace is entitled to compensation from the employer, including:

  • payment of lost wages
  • medical expenses due to the accident
  • additional compensation if the injury is permanent

When the unthinkable happens and an employee is killed at their place of employment, New Jersey law also provides benefits to the dependents of the employee who has passed away.

Claiming Workers’ Compensation

Some workers who have been injured at work do not attempt to pursue compensation, because they believe that they will have to prove certain details for which they lack any “hard” evidence. However, the law does not require the employee to prove that the injury was the employer’s fault. Simply showing that the injury occurred at the workplace is sufficient to entitle the employee to appropriate compensation.

Where the accident occurs due to the negligence of someone other than the employer or the employee (e.g. an employee making a delivery is injured in a car accident, or an employee cutting lumber is injured by a defective saw blade), the employee may seek additional compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering.

Sometimes, people can be resistant to the idea of receiving workers’ compensation, because they feel it is a sign of “weakness” or “dependency.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are suffering from an injury, you have every right to be compensated for the physical, emotional, and financial damages you are struggling with. You don’t have to wrestle with the bills and pain on your own.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, you may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation. The attorneys at Maselli Warren have over 25 years of experience handling even the most complicated workers’ compensation cases, and we can apply that experience to your case to achieve the best possible results for you. Don’t hesitate to claim what you may be rightfully owed. Get your health and your finances back on track — contact us online, or call (800) 891-2657 today.

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