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A Tip for Wire Fraud Prevention

Title companies, brokers and lending institutions are being cautioned that scammers are increasingly targeting them by sending forged emails to their clients instructing that funds be wired to...

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Commissions for Executors

Q & A from the Attorneys at Maselli Warren, P.C.: Q: I was named as the Executor of my late mother’s will. Can Executors of a Pennsylvania Decedent’s Estate take a commission? John L. A: John,...

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Estate Litigation on the Rise?

In one day, I received three calls for estate litigation and it made me wonder; is estate litigation on the rise, and if so, why? As the population ages, more people are passing away. These people...

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When Legal Fees are Tax Deductible

The government looks to tax every time something of value changes hands, so it should be of no surprise that lawyers need to be aware of the tax implications to their clients in the matters in which...

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What is Commercial Litigation?

I am a commercial litigator and occasionally I’m asked, what does commercial litigation mean? In its simplest form: disputes over contracts. Here’s a case we handled recently at Maselli Warren, P.C....

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Special Needs Trusts

Individuals with disabilities frequently rely on government programs to provide basics such as food, clothing and shelter, as well as various services and supports. Most of these government programs...

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